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All That Passes By

"All That Passes By" is a collection of piano music meant for meditative and reflective moments. Each track is born from an improvised theme that was uniquely created the moment it was played and recorded. The artist uses the piano as an instrument of our deepest emotions and most fragile sentiments, giving us time to pause and reach for our transcendence.

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The Unknown

An eclectic mixture of dreamy pop and lush vocals, "The Unknown" (2018) is a collection of songs that explores the emotional soundscape of the human experience.

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Endless Sky

“Endless Sky” (2018) is a meditative and inspirational collection of original new age piano compositions by artist Kevin Monaco.


Just The Hits

"Just The Hits" (2018) features a collection piano covers of current pop songs from Billboard’s Top Hits charts.


In The Beginning

“In The Beginning” (2015) is a compilation of piano compositions written in the early stages of Kevin’s creative musical journey. Recorded on a 1923 Mason & Hamlin grand piano at his home, this album marked the beginning of Kevin’s musical career.

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As many of you know, I have taken a giant leap into the unknown in pursuit of my true joy. It has taken me a long time to realize how I need to live my life, the kind of person that I am, and from where I draw my strength. New possibilities reveal themselves to me everyday, and yet I am still blinded by fear.

And so, I give you a song I wrote about feeling afraid. There are many times in my life that I feel afraid, and there has always been someone there for me. So this is for you.

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