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Everything I do uses music as an empowering tool to inspire others to unlock their own potential and value while cultivating a healthier, more loving and empathetic society.”

Coming soon, Kevin will be recording his first STUDIO ALBUM. Stay tuned for details in April, 2019!

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"All That Passes By" is a collection of piano music meant for meditative and reflective moments. Each track is born from an improvised theme that was uniquely created the moment it was played and recorded. The artist uses the piano as an instrument of our deepest emotions and most fragile sentiments, giving us time to pause and reach for our transcendence.

Released in May, 2019


Kevin mONACO


Kevin Monaco is a composer, songwriter, and healing artist. He features original music, both piano and full arrangement, music for meditation, and lush lyrical dream pop. Kevin began his musical journey learning the piano at the age of eight. Even before he could play himself, he was captivated by the deep full tones of the piano and intrigued by the grace of movement it took to play the instrument. He began to play a variety of genres, but it was the freedom and the creativity of composing his own music that started him on the path to creating his first album, "In The Beginning" (2015). Subsequently, he released "Just The Hits" (2018); a collection of current pop piano covers, "Endless Sky" (2018); an inspiring blend of new age piano compositions, and "The Unknown" (2018); the very first vocal tracks by the artist. 


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 Performance Dates


Friday, November 9TH   

2018 Thunderbird Leadership Summit: Being On Purpose

The 2018 Leadership Summit will give you a day to refocus, reflect and make meaningful connections with old and new friends. Being on Purpose: Small Enough to Manage, Big Enough to Matter will provide you with a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in your own work and world, a personal commitment to making a difference, and a community commitment with your Summit colleagues. Highlights include music by Kevin Monaco and keynote presentations from Dr. Amy Johnson and Sat Kartar Khalsa-Ramey.

Phoenix Art Museum
1625 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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TUESDAY, August 14TH    7:00PM - 8:00pm

Plymouth Healing Arts Transformative Music Meditation (LIVE)

Join us for Transformative Music Meditation (LIVE) with Kevin Monaco. In the quietness of the Herr Chapel, enjoy a meditation experience that uses music as a transformative tool to redirect your energy, change your mindset, and find your inner power.

2860 Coventry Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44120


TUESDAY, JUNE 10TH    7:00PM - 8:00pm

Plymouth Healing Arts Yoga Event

Kevin Monaco will be playing live meditative piano music to Yoga on the Lawn (indoors, if rain).  Led by Diane Julin Menges, this free class will work on the breath as a way to energize the body and release stress and tension followed by gentle yoga.

2860 Coventry Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44120

News & Updates

OCTOBER, 2018: Kevin’s new VOCAL record, “The Unknown”, a collection of dream pop and alternative tracks, is set to release ON November 9th.

august, 2018: Kevin is currently working on his latest project, an ablum of PIANO/VOCAL TRACKS, due TO BE RELEASED the beginning of November.


May 9, 2018: "Endless Sky", Kevin's original album of new age piano compositions is out today on ItUNES, AND MORE. Coming to All major digital distributors in the coming days!


May 1, 2018: Kevin's new album of original new age piano compositions will be coming out next week for digital music sale. stay tuned for details and previews!


FEBRUARY 2, 2018: Kevin Monaco, Just The Hits, released today on itunes. get your copy now!


January, 2018: Check out the latest from Kevin: Kevin Monaco, Just the Hits. This album is a compilation of covers from Billboard's top hits charts. Coming soon!